**** Welcome to IDOC ****

A simple RunUO Server

Welcome – Getting started in 3 easy steps

Hello and thanks for visiting IDOC – to start playing you need to do the following.

1 - You need a copy of the UO Client -Download it and Install but dont run it! - This is the game client that enables you to play IDOC

Client Download Link

2 -Then grab a copy of Razor – Razor connects you to the IDOC server

Razor Download

3 - Run Razor and point it to your installation of the client (Default is C:Electronic ArtsUltima Online Classic)

Address of Server is Port 2593

It should look like this (My UO is installed on C: drive)


When the login screen appears (pictured below) just use any account name and password and start playing, Account creation is automatic (Make sure you write down the account name and password).


See you in game!!! Type [c to global chat – Ask for help or take a look at the forums.

IDOC Forums

Please Visit the FULL IDOC site at



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